SBA 504 Loans

SBA 504 Loans

Oregon Business Development Corporation’s staff has many years of SBA experience. Your loan will be processed quickly as we assist both you and your bank lender with the entire process until closing is finished. Our goal is to get your project financed as efficiently as possible.

With SBA 504 financing, you can purchase commercial real estate with a down payment as low as 10%. You not only gets the tax benefits and appreciation on the real estate, but also lock in occupancy costs for the long term with financing tailored to your needs.

Low Down Payment & Enhanced Cash Flow
With financing available for up to 90% of the project cost, SBA 504 loans offer an affordable down payment, enabling you to conserve working capital and retain liquidity to meet operating needs.

Long Term Financing at Competitive Interest Rates
The SBA 504 real estate loan program provides 20-year, fully amortized financing. This enables you to pay for a facility over the long term, avoid risky loan call provisions, and enjoy lower monthly payments.

Predictable Monthly Payments
SBA 504 financing helps you stabilize your business occupancy costs with an attractive, 20-year fixed interest rate.

Ownership Options Tailored to Meet Small Business Owner Needs
You can purchase and hold title to a building personally, in the name of the business, or through a holding company. This gives you the flexibility to maximize tax benefits of ownership and minimize liability in the manner best suited for you and your company. Additionally, two or more small businesses can receive an SBA 504 loan if they combine to create a real estate holding company. This option works especially well for professionals in the medical, veterinary, legal and accounting fields.